A Fitness and Emotional Wellness Program for Overweight People



1341 West Main Road, Second Floor, Suite 16

Middletown, RI



Program begins Wednesday, January 29 and runs every Monday & Wednesday through March 9.



6:30am – 7:30am  



  • Individuals must be at least 50lbs over weight

  • Must be able to go up and down stairs (the studio is on the second floor)

  • Must have doctor’s clearance to exercise

  • Must be willing to participate in both fitness programming and group sharing

  • Yes its early but part of changing our bodies is changing our lifestyle and resetting our internal clock.

  • Must be committed to the work both emotionally and physically  


This is both a fitness program and a therapeutic group.  Some people who do not have a medical reason for being overweight have past emotional hurts that have caused a layer of wounding that manifests itself in physical weight gain.  We will discuss these past hurts with the hopes of processing them and beginning the healing process.  Letting go of these past hurts may be the first step you need to let go of those layers of protection you have been holding onto.  



$250 for the 6-week program 

Total health is more than just exercise and diet,
it includes the quality of your thoughts!

*** There will be no refunds after the program has begun.  

*** The program is limited to 8 participants (men and women are welcome to attend)  

©MIST - Muscle Integrated Soul Training
By Jackie Henderson — Middletown/Newport, Rhode Island